Downtown Boise Neighborhood Association | ***Quick Blast of Facts about our Booming Downtown ***
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***Quick Blast of Facts about our Booming Downtown ***

We all know growth is going gang-busters down here in the hub of Idaho… are some recent quick stat from one of our City’s compressive planners:

·         Public and private investment in the pipeline for downtown +/- $1.3 billion (and growing)

·         New residential +/- 1450 units (should result in about 2300 new residents)

·         New student housing +/- 875 units (roughly 2500 beds)

·         New hotel rooms +/- 580

·         Boise State University investment +/- $200 million

·         St. Luke’s investment +/- $400 million

Soon, they’ll  have an updated project map/list soon that you can use as a resource.   Stay tuned!