Downtown Boise Neighborhood Association | Minutes 07-09-2018
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All board members were present.  New board member Tony was unanimously welcomed in. Yeah!
Marty discussed The State of the City.  He’ll be on a steering committee that will be called “Emerging Neighbors.”  The SOTC will be on 2/19/19.  Supposedly all Boise residents are invited.  More to come…
We were awarded 1 of the 3 city improvement grants that we applied for in December of last year.  They gave us $10k to support “Faces and Facades.”  The public announcement of this will be July 19th.
Tim brought up two things:
1.  The Boise Rescue Mission plans to tear down a building at 14th and Jefferson and rebuild a craftsman’s style 3-story structure.   1st floor will be 8 double rooms for people recovering from major surgery….i.e. respite care.  2nd floor is an after school program.  3rd floor will be 6 low-income transitional apartments…6-12 month stays.  It involved NO city money and was voted on unanimously.
2.  Astegos is having a fund raiser on 9/29 this year.  At JUMP.  Will also raise funds and product for the Idaho Diaper Bank.  The theme is blues festival, food, booze, music.  It will be called “Wipe Away the Blues.”
Kenny talked about the National Street Service
He was selected as one of 30 volunteers to help roll this out.  It was started in SF and then went out to Boise and Philly.  The idea is to use streets for people as well as cars.  They did street experiments and had a block party.  They have mini-grants we might want to explore.
We need to have our Fall Annual Meeting
Tony, Krista and Jen need to get together soon and figure out:
– Date
 – who to invite from the city
 – sponsor packages (that each of the board members will be assigned to pitch to various local businesses)
 – etc.
We have approximately $340 in our DBNA checking account.  But City mini-grants will give us more to work with soon.
Ludwig towers will be an interesting development that we need to pay attention to over the upcoming months.