Downtown Boise Neighborhood Association | Minutes 01-29-2018
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Meeting began at 6:20 PM at the 10th Street Station

Board members in attendance:
 – Marty Jacobs
 – Tim Flaherty
 – Jen McQuet
 – Kenny Werth
One guest/new member – downtown resident, Frank Terraferma.  He expressed an interest in being involved in historic preservation efforts and possibility being on the board.
Absent –
 – Joe Bruce was delayed on a business trip
 – Krista Deustch-Frey was on vacation
 – Eric Anderson did not respond
Past minutes:
 – Adopted unanimously
Introduction of New Board Member 
 – Kenny Werth – recent BSU grad with interest in historic preservation and city planning.
 – Welcome!
Treasurer’s report 
 – We have $1,500 in City mini-grant funds.
 – We have almost nothing in our Chase Bank fund.
 – We need to solicit more sponsorship dollars or sell ads in a mailer.
Neighborhood Improvement Grants we are submitting on 1/31/17
 – Union Block Archway Signage – request of $20k
 – “Faces & Facades” Digital Imaging Project – request of $15k
 – Old boise Entryway Signage – request of $60k
 – All were approved without debate.
Priorities for 2018
 – Redouble our efforts to get more emails on our list
 – Frank said he can help with his access to Data Center (Central?)
 – Jen will re-ask 119 neighbor for Jefferson list
 –  We love it.  We need to do it.
 – Joe, Jen & Tim need to get together to create the 1.0 version.
 – Selling ads will be key.
 – Having an opt-in to membership is also key.
 – 2x a year to start……perhaps to go to 4x?
 – NOT monthly
Bike Path
 –  Joe and Kenny to work together on exploring what’s happening with this….
Fowler “Welcome!”
 –  Marty suggested that when Fowler residents move in, they receive a letter or maybe even a small gift from the DBNA.
 – All agreed!
 – Jen promised to follow-up with the owners.
 – We shouldn’t have to pay for this – should be on developer/owners/in Jen’s opinion.
 – Tim & Jen to spearhead
Residential Parking
 – Marty handed off to Kenny the form to get permits.
 – He will explore, set meetings and get back to us when he has a recommendation.
Farmer’s Market
 – In exchange for an ad(s) in our newsletter, we’ll ask the farmer’s market owners to supply us with a booth to promote DBNA efforts in the spring/summer/fall.
Spring Event
 – Hopefully at JUMP
 – Tim will fill out form for a date in late March/early April
 – Cash bar
 – Possibly a potluck?
Official Meeting ended at 7:40 p.m.