Downtown Boise Neighborhood Association | 8TH STREET CONSTRUCTION UPDATE
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Great progress is being made toward completing improvements to 8th Street. We have made some adjustments to our workflow to minimize our pedestrian impacts during the busy NCAA Tournament and Tree Fort events, work will ramp up in the coming weeks. So far the project is 1-2 weeks ahead of the original schedule.

8th Street, Main Street to Idaho Street

Expect a daily closure from 6:30 am to 6pm on 8th Street between Main Street and Idaho Street starting Monday March 26 while we improve the pedestrian ramps at each end of the block. During off hours the vehicle and bicycle lanes will be open for public use.

An upcoming full closure to vehicles, deliveries and bicycles will be necessary to install retractable bollards and the associated concrete apron within the 8th Street travel lanes. This closure is scheduled April 2 to April 21. Pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained at all times, and cyclists will be instructed to dismount and walk bicycles. A temporary delivery zone will be in place on Main Street between 9th Street and Capitol Boulevard. Temporary trash facilities for the Zions Bank building will be placed out on 8th Street. While the retractable bollard concrete is curing we will also repair the Zion Bank Building loading dock apron, and complete the furnishing zone repairs on the east side of 8th Street.

8th Street, Idaho Street to Bannock Street

The furnishing zone on the west side of 8th Street is nearly complete, along with the pedestrian ramp improvements on the Southwest corner of the Bannock Street intersection. On Monday, March 26, we will begin improvements to the furnishing zone on the east side of 8th Street. The 8th Street parallel parking lane must be closed for public safety and in order to conduct the work. The southbound bicycle lane will be used as a temporary delivery zone during the day, and open to cyclists during off hours. Cyclists will be instructed to dismount and walk bicycles. We will also begin working on improving the pedestrian ramps at the intersections and installing the retractable bollards. We intend to keep the road open for deliveries 100% of the time we are working on this block.

Freak, and Union Alley Construction

The Freak Alley and Union Alley Improvement Plans are going through the City permit process and ACHD permit process simultaneously. If City and ACHD permits are issued by the end of March, we can start Freak Alley construction during the first half of April. Once permits are issued, we will update you about project logistics, including details about temporary locations of trash, recycle, and delivery zones, as well as detailed dates of construction activities.

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding throughout the construction process. Access and delivery issues may arise as we ramp up construction. Please don’t hesitate to contact Guho Corp at 208-939-8850 and we will do our best to get them addressed.